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doesn't come back
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PostPosted: 12/17/06, 10:26 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

here is how I would do it...... just my opinion

Take dog out on the checkcord with the collar on and let him ramble around. When he is interested in something other than you, tell him Come, and give him a good jerk on the checkcord to help get him going in the correct direction.

As soon as he gets to you, praise the heck out of him, and then immediately turn him loose (on the cord) to ramble around. You walk around with him, encourage him to investigate.

Do it again, and again, and again. Once he is becoming reliable (he probably will start just hanging at your side, don't sweat this part) drop the cord and let him wander around. Again, once interested in something else, tell him to Come. If necassary, step on the checkcord and give him a good jerk to get him coming in. Praise and turn him loose.

Remember he doesn't know how long that checkcord is, so use that to your advantage. The trick is, every time you call the dog you MUST make sure he responds. That may mean tracking him down, cornering him somewhere and getting ahold of that checkcord. Then you drag his butt back to the place you called him from, all the while giving him a good talking to. The moment you get to that spot, praise the heck out of him and turn him loose right away. You want him to understand that coming to you doesn't mean fun time is done! He will begin to understand that he has to come in to you, but then he gets to go out again. Diligence is the key to this.

Now, once he is reliable, add the collar corrections. Continue to have him on the checkcord, let him wander, tell him to come, nick him with the collar and the moment he turns to you, let off the button and praise him to help him understand he is doing the right thing.

It gets tricky here, because you don't want to turn the dog into a robot, afraid to ever leave your side, so you have to work on this daily, but not overdo. When he complies with your wishes, take him home or put him in the yard.

As far as him scratching when nicked with the collar, it sounds to me like it needs to be turned up a notch, not down. You don't want him to yelp or jump into the sky, but he needs to feel it and it has to be somewhat uncomfortable for him.

When you give the collar correction the dog should turn to you, and the moment he steps one foot in your direction is when you help with some praise. If he doesn't turn toward you, give him a jerk on the checkcord at the same time as the collar correction and make him start toward you. Reel him in if you must. The timing of jerk, nick is important. If the dog starts to you before you hit him with the collar, hold off and see if he completes the task. If he does, Great!!!!!!! He is beginning to want to comply. If he doesn't start to you immediately, jerk, nick. Sometimes they will start to come in and then test you, don't fall for it. Command him to come again and hit him with the collar again and drag his butt in with the checkcord.

Once he really gets a good collar correction, then you can turn it down, or use the sound or vibration mode. Some collars will use the sound or vibration at the same time as the nick, so the correlation is made in the dogs mind.

If you make a mistake and have the collar turned up too high, don't get upset about it. Don't apologize to the dog, just turn it down and continue the training. But remember, we aren't out to cause pain, but discomfort is a part of the has to be more comfortable for the dog to do as asked then not to.

To be honest, I have never needed to use the collar to teach a dog to come in to me, I just use the checkcord. It takes me about 2 days to get the dog to understand that I win, I ALWAYS win and I will always chase him down, I will always make him comply with the Come command. Every time we step into the field we work on the come command. Even with the old trained dogs, it's just a brush up on their manners and it's a reminder to them just who is in charge. ME!!!!!

Stay with it, use common sense, and it will sink in.
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