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Joined: 01 Sep 2004
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Location: S.E. Washington, USA

PostPosted: 09/01/04, 1:17 am    Post subject: Moose Reply with quote

I'm starting from scratch and haven't a clue.

Last Tuesday we went out to the local pound looking for a new dog. Our previous dog (a much loved German Shepard that we'd had for 7 years) was hit by a car and killed the previous Friday. Life without a dog seems rather odd and empty. We've ALWAYS had a dog. (strictly companion dogs)

We ended up adopting what appears to be a GWP. The pound says he is, the groomer says he is and tomorrow I'll find out what the Vet thinks (when I go to pick him up from being neutered and having his check-up)

The folks at the pound gave him the name "Moose" and it fit so we kept it.

The more I read about the breed, the more I realize that in many important ways, Moose is a great dog for our family. But in other ways, I'm a bit overwhelmed. I know he is SMART, we started from scratch last week and already he's learned quite a bit. That gives me hope!

Where do I begin? Moose appears to be about 6 months old. FULL of energy and basically a big cuddly sweet dog. We won't be hunting with him, he'll be a companion dog. But I want a WELL-MANNERED, WELL-TRAINED companion dog. Where do I begin???? Books, websites, info? HELP!!!! Smile

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Joined: 11 Mar 2003
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PostPosted: 09/02/04, 12:24 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I am really glad to hear that Moose found a loving home...

Where do you start? easy, if you remember a few things:
1- books are not the greatest of training tools unless in the hand of a trainer. It gives you a guide line according to one method only. All methods do not apply to all dogs and a book may or may not be usefull, or may be in part but not in other. Having said that, one of my sherish mentor in North America has written what I believe to be the best book in obedience: Expert Obedience Training for Dogs by Winifred Strickland.
Even if ou do purchase this book, as Winnie would herself say: Go to a class!

2- remember that there is a difference in an Obedience dog and an Obedient dog. Practicing over and over the obedience excercise only gives you an Obedience Dog. What the dog has learnt is the TRIC of sitting, the TRIC of walking, the TRICK of laying down... and not to obey. If what you want is an Obedient dog, do the exercise in the class, so that the dog learns all these commands, but as soon as you leave the class, put the learnt command in your dog's every day life. If you offer a weel structured life to your dog as well as play and love, you have won. Use these commands for certain circomstances such as "you want to go out", then "SIT" you want your food "SIT", your leash on/off, "SIT", you want to watch TV with us: "DOWN"... IN this way, your dog will understand that life has rule and that they are there for him to obey.

Finally, remember that a GWP is not a GSD. The German Shephard is a lot more calmer, and a lot tougher. The GWP is a very solid dog but they are also very sensitive. Screaming and hurting does not work. You will only achieve the opposite of what you intend. The GWP needs his owner to be sure of himself but happy, ferme but not hard, and most of all very consistent. The GWP is a clown with a great sense of humour. Use it in your training. Tell him he is a goof when he hesitate before obeying, and laugh with him when he does well...
The GWP also needs a lot more exercise than the GSD.

Good luck, I am sure that you will do great.

Both my GWP have been rescues and I thank God every day for having put them on my path. You'll see, you will simply fall in love with the breed
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