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Wasted resource

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Joined: 17 Apr 2005
Posts: 1
Location: SW AR

PostPosted: 04/17/05, 8:21 am    Post subject: Wasted resource Reply with quote

I own a 16 mo. female GWP (Drathaar registered). After having lost my latest Lab to a snakebite and considering him unreplaceable, I thought I would try another breed. After some research and talk I started looking and found Bill Vannorstrand in NC. He sent me this registered Drathaar pup and I love her. I incorporated her into the home and she took to us and her companion Mattie a 2 year old Lab.
This GWP (Molly) is so different in tempermant than any Lab I have owned. Let me qualify a bit by letting you know that I was raised training dogs (Labs) so I am not a novice. I am 50 years old and have had people ask me to help them train their dogs and while I have not trained them (time) I have given some help. Anyway I have a decent knowledge of dogs.
I think Molly is so above me in that she is so birdy and we have no quail or the like in SW AR. I took her to water when she was very young, like I have all my Labs. My Lab was so excited and got so rough in the water that Molly has developed a little bit of aversion to the water. So there was a little bit of a knock against duck hunting. You know we need to love the water to duck hunt and that is what I bought her for.
I know this water thing can be overcome. My point is I believe that this particular dog does not belong in her present setting and I know she has so much untapped potential. She will hunt from the moment she gets out of the truck. She is a good close-quartering/circling dog. She will make someone a great companion. A man has got to know his limitations, I know mine and I hate to see this animal going to waste. If anyone is interested in her, I would be happy to discuss and/or furnish info.
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Joined: 01 Apr 2005
Posts: 256
Location: Rustbelt

PostPosted: 04/17/05, 3:05 pm    Post subject: Pup Reply with quote

What a shame it didnt work out. I advise everyone who has multiple dogs to work them & kennel them seperately as much as possible, for a list of reasons including the one you mentioned about water, and getting knocked around as a pup. If your dog is DD registered, I would advise posting on that site or discussing placing w/breeder. It will need alot of work to undo whats been done, and get it where it should be at this age(HZP) level.

I was working my bitch yesterday and doing multiple marks and blinds at a large lake, some guy thought itd be fun to have his dog swim too, threw his boxer in the water and almost lost him to drowning-the dog absolutely couldnt swim and went under for a while- I thought it was gone. I laid into him when I watched him try to coerce his dog in the water a 2nd time with dog refusing. Unbelievable.
Real men hunt Wire Dogs
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Joined: 11 Mar 2003
Posts: 285
Location: Canada

PostPosted: 04/20/05, 12:37 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Welcome to the world of dog training! Not all dogs are the same and not all dogs respond to the same training...
If you purchase your pup from a breeder, don't you have a first option clause in your purchasing agreement, one which would force you to offer the pup back to her breeder before you can even think of offering her to a third party?
If not, I suggest that you start by contacting your breeder. As a breeder of many years (although not of GWP), I can tell you that we offen have names of people looking for a young adult.
Good luck to you, and I too am very sorry that this little girl is not the right dog for you, but as you said so well, it is best for the dog as well as for your family to find a home where she can offer what is expected of her, and nothing less.
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