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Should we really help???

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PostPosted: 06/13/04, 1:16 pm    Post subject: Should we really help??? Reply with quote

I am getting sick and tired to read in the papers, to hear in various places, and even to see on the list I belong to that "this poor man or poor lady is looking for help to place a dog because they are moving, or they do not have time for the dog or, and I do love this one, 'for reasons beyond their control'..."

I just received the following e-mail:

"I am presently assisting a lady in need of a new home for her 2 dogs she no longer has time for, for reasons entirely beyond her control..."

Being the good (and very stupid) person that I am, I contacted this person who explained to me, seeking my sympathy of course, how she hates housekeeping and therefore sold her house with a big yard and purchased a condominium. She went on to inform me that she is a Doctor, so really, she "could not be expected to play with dogs when she comes home after work, nor to have to worry about her 2 dogs during the week end. She has better things to do." Plus, as a doctor, she "cannot have dog hair on her cloth..."

Well, I now get the picture, the lady is moving and the dogs are not invited in the move. The lady does not like to look after her dogs so she gets rid of them. How exactly is this "beyond her control"?

Moving? do people not realize that a pet is part of the family? that it is not a disposible chattel? A person dreams of a life in new walls and totally forget that there is a dog in the family, a loyal dog, a creature who is always there for his owner, no matter what...Are humans so uncaring, so selfish, so cruel?... I wonder if this lady has considered the look in the eyes of her dogs the day she hands the leash over to a total stranger, the sadness in the heart of the dogs who spends days after days waiting for the owner who never returns...
And since when is a Doctor not entitle to have a dog, or 2? Do dogs really spoiled a doctor's image? As I am now certain this is all this lady is about: an image! My parents always had dogs and both were medical doctors. My husband certainly lives with dogs, and he is also a doctor? On what planet does this lady lives?
Beside, did she not know she was a doctor 3 years ago when she decided to take these dogs? Did she not realized that dog hair usually goes on their owner's cloth?
The truth of the matter is that like many, this lady had dogs on an impulse, because it suited her at the time, and now, she got tired of the idea and no longer wants them. How sad for the dogs!

And as often, we, good dog owners, are today requested to help this poor lady...
Should we? One can say that we should indeed, for the sake of the dog. And this is true. What is she going to do with the poor dogs if she cannot find a new home? Will she rediscover the joy of throwing a ball? Will she decide a house with a yard is better after all? Very unlikely.
However, isn't this the same logique we are fighting when considering puppy mills? We claim high and low that it is better to leave a puppy mill pup suffer in his terrible conditions rather than to purchase him, in the hope that should no one purchase from puppy mills, they will eventually dissapear...
Can we not say then that by "sacrificing" these dogs in need of a rehome due to their irresponsible owners, people would learn that it is hard to place an adulte dog and therefore would become more likely to think twice prior to purchasing or adopting a dog? Or would they?

Please, tell me what you think...
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