German Wirehaired Pointer Club of America

2013 National Headquarters



**Subject to Change**

Thursday Oct. 3

-GWPCA Supported Entry


-Judges Education

-Welcome Party


Friday Oct. 4

- GWPCA National Specialty
-GWPCA Junior Showmanship
-GWPCA Futurity

-National Obedience


-National Meeting


Saturday Oct. 5

-Regional Specialty
-GWPCA National Sweeps
-GWPCA Maturity



-Annual Awards Banquet


Sunday Oct. 6

-GWPC of Eastern NE Specialty

-GWPC of Easter NE Sweeps



Monday Oct. 7

-Hunt Test (Day One)

-Derby Classic
-Water Test
Tuesday Oct. 8-Conclusion

-Hunt Test (Day Two)

-Natural Amateur Championship

-Puppy Classic

-Field Futurity

-National Championship

Thursday Oct. 10
Heartland NAVHDA NA
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 Show Events

Click Here for a GWP Show Schedule

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Show Secretary - Onofrio

Closing Date - Wednesday September 18, 2013

Show Location - Lancaster Event Center, 4100 N 84th St., Lincoln NE

 Thursday, Oct. 3, 2013 - Cornhusker KC of Lincoln NE (Supported Entry)

Cornhusker KC AllBreed Show (Supported Entry) Judge: Mr. Joseph Gregory (Simpsonville, KY)

 Friday, Oct. 4, 2013 - National Specialty*, Jr's, Futurity

National Specialty & Junior Showmanship - Judge: Ms. Joy Brewster (Newtown, CT)

Futurity - Judge: Mr. Rick Gschwender (Nampa, ID)

*The National Specialty is an independent show and the BOB winner WILL NOT participate in groups with the All Breed Show.

 Saturday, Oct. 5, 2013 - Regional Specialty**, National Sweeps, Maturity

Regional Specialty - Judge: Mr. James Reynolds (Ontario, Canada)

National Sweeps - Judge: Linda C Flynn (Milton, MA)

Maturity - Judge: Kevin M Flynn (Milton, MA)

** All forfeits and entry monies become the "purse" (minus expenses) and will be divided as follows: Best Dog in Maturity 40%, Best Bitch in Maturity 40%, Grand Maturity Winner 20%. Each winner's share is further divided 60% to owner, 40% to Nominator. There is no Best in Maturity and no Best of Opposite in Maturity. The awards are Best Dog in Maturity, Best Bitch in Maturity and finally Grand Maturity Winner. There are no class divisions, other than gender.**

**The Regional Specialty is held with the Platte Valley KC of Fremont. The BOB winner may participate in the Sporting Group.

 Sunday, Oct. 7, 2013 - GWPC of Eastern NE Specialty** and Sweeps

GWPC of Eastern Nebraska  - Judge: Mrs. Sari Brewster Tietjen (Rhinebeck, NY)

GWPC of Eastern Nebraska Sweeps - Judge: Ms. Eleanor Rensink (Omaha, NE)

**The GWPCA E NE Specialty is held with the Platte Valley KC of Fremont. The BOB winner may participate in the Sporting Group.

For Additional Information Contact Chair Laura Reeves

and keep checking the website frequently