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 Welcome to the All Star Invitational

2016 All Star Invitational Premium


This unique competition began in 2001 with the National events in Lincoln, NE. We were looking for something to do for a nights entertainment, something that would be able to showcase our breeds qualities, something to showcase our breeders and dedicated owners.  We wanted it to be special, for special dogs, dogs who were at the top of their game, who were proving they were not only pretty dogs, but pretty darn good working dogs as well. Thus The All Star was born!


Open only to Dual Champions, Champion/Amateur Field Champions, Champion/Master Hunters and Champion/NAVHDA UT Prize I titled dogs, this prestigious competition will highlight the importance of FORM and FUNCTION in a breed where this must remain a priority. You may have heard the saying “There is no reason to hunt with an ugly dog”. This showcase proves it’s true. The dogs you will see that evening have all reached the pinnacle of achievements for AKC & NAVHDA pointing dogs. Their breeders, owners, trainers and handlers all deserve our admiration for their time, determination and foresight. It is these dogs who will help ensure our breed stays true to their heritage and will offer the future breeders a gene pool to continue producing sound, working German Wirehairs.

 How The All Star Is Judged

 A panel of three knowledgeable GWP handlers, breeders and or judges, will judge the Invitational. The identities of the judges are kept secret until the night of the event. The dogs are judged using our breed standard that has been broken down into 4 categories. 
1. General appearance - (type, balance, outline, size, substance, condition)
2. Structure - (head, neck, topline, tailset, forequarters, hindquarters)
3. Coat - (texture, density, condition, functionality) 
4. Movement - (coming at you, going away, side gait, stability of topline on the move)
Each category is worth 25 points and each judge will score each dog accordingly. At the end, all scores are tallied and the dog with the highest number of points is the winner. (We wish we had the time and the ability to put all of these dogs into the field to further the competition, maybe one day we will be able to do just that.)


The Best in Invitational winner will receive a Bronze GWP statue. The Best in Invitational winner will also be presented with the All Star Traveling Trophy offered by the family of Stephanie Strassman- Scheuermann to honor her life and love of the German Wirehaired Pointer. Each participant will receive a beautiful rosette engraved with his or her name. 
The All Star committee would also like to thank the Twin Cities GWP Club for their donation honoring the life of Helen Case Shelley. Helen was a long time breeder/owner of some of our breeds greatest dogs, both in the show ring and in the field. In fact, Dual Ch. Backwoods Sure Shot Marley, the 2008 National Champion was owned by Helen. 

Please join us on Monday night to congratulate these dogs and their owners for a job well done! We encourage you to root for your favorites, hoot, holler and cheer for them all. They deserve it!!

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