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   Dogs of Distinction

German Wirehaired Pointers are a special breed and to celebrate this the GWPCA would like to recognize GWP's, their owners, and breeders that have reached the pinnacle of their respected areas in AKC and NAVHDA events.

To have your dog added to the Honors Page contact Webmaster: Lori Sargent - birddog@windsweptwires.net



GWPCA National Best In Specialty Show


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These GWP's have won the prestigious and sought after National Best in Specialty Show Win. The GWPCA National Show happens only once a year and is the biggest collection of GWP's in the show ring at one time.


National Field Champions &

National Amateur Field Champions

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You have what it takes to compete against the best of the best GWP's in the field. These GWP's proved they did by winning the GWPCA National Field Championship and or National Amateur Field Championship


AKC Best In Show


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It's all about the Red, White and Blue!!! These GWP's have excelled in the show ring by earning the top prize and winning a Best In Show.


Dual Champions &

CH w/ Amateur Field Championship

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These GWP's have taken down the competition and  excelled in Field Trials by earning a Field Championship or Amateur Field Championship. They have also proven themselves in the conformation ring by earning an AKC Championship.


Allstar Invitational Winners


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Open to DC, CH & AFC, CH & MH and CH & UT1, this prestigious competition highlights the importance of Form and Function in a Breed where we strive to keep these ideas a priority. The winners of this showcase competition highlights an already outstanding career.


Champion &

Master Hunter


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These GWP's have proven themselves in the field by earning the convent Master Hunter Title and also proved form follows function by earning an AKC Championship.







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Sit, Stay, Jump, Tunnel... These are just some of the terms our top obedience and agility GWP's know. These poised GWP's dedicated hours of  time to training and competing to reach the pinnacle of these companion dog competitions.




Champion &

NAVHDA Utility Prize I

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This list may be small but it has some of the top versatile GWP's in NAVHDA. These dogs show us how ambitious the GWP can be by shifting gears smoothly from upland hunting, to water work, to tracking. And in their spare time they strutted their stuff in the ring to earn a CH.


ROM Sire & Dams


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These GWP's have produced exceptional progeny that reflect the versatility of the breed by acquiring titles from both field and show.







GWPCA Versatile Award


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This award is designed to recognize GWP's that have distinguished themselves in  field events, conformation & performance competition. These dogs possess the temperament, intelligence, hunting and working capabilities which represent essential characteristics of the breed. .