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   Dual Champions & Champion/Amateur Field Champions                               **Click Imagines to Enlarge

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DC AFC Dual Shot's Flying High MH

Owner: Karla Hawkins
Sire: DC AFC Dual Shot's Behind Bars UT 
Dam: CH Dual Shot's Buffalo Girl JH NA
Breeder: Karla Hawkins

DC AFC Weidenhugel Kate V Gus MH

Owner: Cynthia Heiller DVM, Kathleen Boyd, Lynn Sandor, Meg Eden

Sire: DC Wildwings Shameless

Dam: CH Weidenhugel Becca V Blitz JH

Breeder: Cynthia Heiller DVM




DC AFC Cascade Double Barrel

Owner: Gary & Sandra Wickwire & Ray Calkins

Sire: Cascade Ozernaya

Dam: Cascade Franki Lin

Breeder: Ray & Lynn Calkins



DC AFC Tumalo Teddy


Owner: John & Sandy Williams

Sire: Von Steuben's One Ups Ya

Dam: NAFC DC AFC Cascade Tumalo Tess

Breeder: John & Sandy Williams



DC AFC Wirewest First Dibs MH 

Owner: Meg Eden

Sire: DC Wildwings Shameless  

Dam: CH Von Duffin's Lady Bug CDX MH

Breeder: Meg Eden




DC AFC Proulx's Wireswest Big Jake

Owner: Carrie & Joseph Proulx

Sire: DC Wildwings Shameless

Dam: CH Von Duffin's Lady Bug CDX MH

Breeder: Meg Eden



DC Jonnee Blue

Owner: Robert & Debbie Lewis

Sire: NFC NAFC DC AFC udolph's Blitzen Von Duffin  

Dam: Slick Shotten Maggie JH

Breeder: Brady Shannon



DC Dual Shot's Behind Bars NA1

Owner: Kim & Wayne Yamashita & Karla Hawkins

Sire: DC Wildwings Shameless  

Dam: Dual Shot's Miss Kitty JH

Breeder: Karla Hawkins


DC AFC Wireswest Mardi Gras MHA

Owner: Meg Eden

Sire: DC Wildwings Shameless   Dam: Ch. Von Duffin's Lady Bug CDX MH

Breeder: Meg Eden



DC Sure Shot's Sonora Gone Heywire

Owner: Penny Ljungren

Sire: Ch. Sure Shot's Rock On JH  

Dam: DC AFC Sure Shot's Wide Open Spaces

Breeder: Doug Ljungren & Judy Cheshire





NAFC DC AFC GCh Ariels Justa Gotta Go Now

Owner: Bernee Brawn, Dr. Mary Pat Ezzo, Francis Sakiey

Sire: Ch. Sure Shots Rock On JH   

Dam: Ch. Ariels Justa Too Tuff To Tame CD SH NAJ

Breeder: Bernee Brawn, Dr. Mary Pat Ezzo, Francis Sakiey


DC Schnellberg's Freedom Reigns

Owner: Sue Degraw

Sire: VC Ken Vospet  

Dam: Ch. Schnellberg's Live Wire SH

Breeder: Roger Doyle & Sue Degraw 




NAFC DC AFC Cascade Tumola Tess

Owner: John & Sandy Williams

Sire: NFC NAFC DC Rudolph's Blitzen Von Duffin   

Dam: FC AFC Cascade Maria

Breeder: Ray & Lynn Calkins 




DC Schnellberg's Double Down SH

Owner: Roger & Pam Doyle

Sire: VC Ken Vospet    

Dam: Ch Schnellberg's Live Wire SH CGC  

Breeder: Roger & Pam Doyle & Sue DeGraw 



DC RLB's Tigger De Ville SH

Owner: R & L Bultman, J.Wilkinson, T. Boldin

Sire: Ch RLB's Jessie the Body MH   

Dam: Ch Ripsnorters RLB Samantha

Breeder: Roger/Lois Bultman

DC Nyramskov's H. Hector

Owner: Gary Bonini

Sire: Porsemosens Sepp   

Dam: Nyramskov's D. Alma   

Breeder:  Hanne & Poul Erik Bjerregaard


DC AFC Tumalo Joe

Owner: John/Sandy Williams

Sire: NFC NAFC DC AFC Rudolphs Blitzen von Duffin

Dam: Ch Von Duffin's Lady Bug CDX 

Breeder: Meg Eden & A. Duffin


DC AFC Showdowns Peacemaker

Owner: Gary & Sandy Wickwire

Sire: NAFC DC AFC Cascade Jagd Freund    

Dam: FC AFC Cascade Cadence MH

Breeder: Ray & Lynn Calkins


DC Griffiths Willy Be Mine?

Owner: Carolyn & Doug Griffith

Sire: Harris Huntin Buddy   

Dam: Molly Dancer Hunter   

Breeder:  Amber & Fred Daggett





DC Piemonte Zoie v Chisola MH 

Owner: Jodi Quesnell & Aloysia Hard

Sire: FC Piemonte Guido v Chisola MH     Dam: Procyon’s Crash N Burn  

Breeder: Ervin Jones  


DC St. Croix's Diamond Jim

Owner: Bruce & Sue Mueller

Sire: NFC/DC JayMars Blake's Windczar SH   

Dam: NAFC FC AFC St Croix's Rawhide Ruby   

Breeder: Bruce & Sue Mueller


DC Wildwings Shameless

Owner: Lynn Sandor

Sire: NFC/FC/AFC Sure Shot's Slick Nickel  

Dam: DC/AFC Wildwings Party Girl  

Breeder: Lynn Sandor

DC Backwoods Keystone Holy Moses

Owner: Ron & Julia Bonar

Sire: DC/AFC Sure Shot's Hot Rocks MH    Dam: CH Backwoods Mo Kick    

Breeder: Greg Dixon & Roger & Lois Bultman


DC RLB's Milo Kidd

Owner: Dixon

Sire: Backwood's Flexible Flyer    

Dam: CH Ripsnorter RLB's Samantha   

Breeder: Roger/Lois Bultman 






DC AFC Cadenberg Wicked One V Ike MH OA OAJ


Picture Soon

Owner: Sue Owens

Sire: DC/AFC Cascade Ike  

Dam: DC/AFC Cadenberg Magie V Rogue   

Breeder: Silke Alberts 


DC AFC Flintlocks Go Boy von Rahnhaus 2003

Owner: Rocky Gilleard

Sire: Flintlocks Limited Edition  

Dam: Flintlocks Late For The Sun    

Breeder: Mike Hemphill    



DC Jay-Mars Tzar's Wicked Mistress

Owner: Don & Cathie Magoon

Sire: DC/NFC Jay-Mars Blake's Windczar   Dam: CH Jaymar Wiesen's Rite On Target  

Breeder: Collins & Nikki Litwin 



DC Steensview Cascade Buckaroo

Owner: Mary Hanson

Sire: DC/AFC Cascade Ike    

Dam: Cascade Bag of Trix     

Breeder: William Hosford 


AFC CH Walnub Berg's Upland Thunder MH

Owner: Jarnich

Sire: Schroeder's Summit Thunder    

Dam: Caramel's Greta Of Walnubberg    

Breeder: Schaeffer 

DC Piemonte Elena V Chisola

Owner: Aloysia Hard

Sire: NAFC/FC/AFC Flintlock's Hawkeye     Dam: Piemonte Corey V Chisola    

Breeder: Aloysia Hard

DC Backwoods Penny Lane

Owner: Liz Dixon & Helen Shelly

Sire: FC Sure Shot's Slick Nickel    

Dam: FC Jay-Mars Blakes Blue Angel   

Breeder: Dixon 


DC AFC Sure Shot's Wide Open Spaces

Owner: Penny Ljungren & Cheshire

Sire: FC/AFC Wind Walker Von Wilson    Dam: FC/AFC Sure Shot's Golly Miss Molly 

Breeder: Penny Ljungren 

DC NFC Backwood's Sure Shot Marley

Owner: Shelley

Sire: DC/AFC Sure Shot's Hot Rocks MH     Dam: CH Backwoods Mo Kick 

Breeder: Dixon


DC AFC NFC Rudolph's Blitzen Von Duffin

Owner: Williams

Sire: Cadenberg Mick V Rogue    

Dam: DC Von Duffin's RKLDCappuccino   

Breeder: Duffin  

BIS DC AFC Jetset's Ragtop Day At Scotia JH

Owner: Tom & Jodi Quesnell

Sire: DC/AFC Dunkee's Justa Top Flite MH    

Dam: CH Jetset's Full Sail Of Scotia 

Breeder: Bonaccors  


DC Von Duffin's RKLD Cappuccino

Owner: Terry & Ann Duffin

Sire: CH Sure Shot's Rockland Boss     Dam: CH Cascade Cate Von Duffin MH   

Breeder: Terry & Ann Duffin

DC AFC Cascade Jagd Freund

Owner: Wickwire

Sire: DC/AFC/NAFC Cascade Ike MH     Dam: Marie's Cascade Indiana 

Breeder: Ray Calkins 





DC AFC Jay-Mar's Cina Runaway Train MH

Owner: Collins & Litwin Kosman & Litwin

Sire: DC Jay-Mars Blake's Windczar     Dam: CH Jay-Mars Ab's Vina of Orion 

Breeder: Collins & Litwin Kosman & Litwin `



DC AFC NFC Sure Shot's Hot Rocks MH  

Owner: Penny Ljungren

Sire: CH Sure Shot's Rockland Boss     Dam: FC/AFC Sure Shot's Maggie 

Breeder: Penny Ljungren


AFC CH Bounty's Justa Margarita

Owner: Bernee Brawn & Sakiey

Sire: NFC/NAFC/AFC Selkirk's Bounty Hunter    

Dam: AFC/CH Justa Tequila Sunset SH    Breeder: Bernee Brawn & Sakiey  


DC AFC Bounty's Justa Pegleg Pete

Owner: Bernee Brawn & Sakiey

Sire: NFC/NAFC/AFC Selkirk's Bounty Hunter  

Dam: AFC/CH Justa Tequila Sunset SH  

Breeder: Bernee Brawn & Sakiey



DC Jed's Silent Polar Express

Owner: Tucker

Sire: DC Cascade Rogue MH   

Dam: CH Jed's SGR Silent Panda   

Breeder: Tucker

DC AFC Sure Shot's Justa Miss Marker JH  

Owner: Penny Ljungren

Sire: DC/AFC Dunkee's Justa Top Flite MH  Dam: FC/AFC Sure Shot's Cascade Miss Tique SH 

Breeder: Penny Ljungren

DC AFC Soo Line's Allied Freighter

Owner: Rhonda Haukoos

Sire: CH Dana Nordica's A Victor   Dam: CH Lieben Waids Doc's Drieka    

Breeder: Dixon 


DC AFC TnT's Hot Rod Todd

Owner:  Tait Koeber & Tait

Sire: Flintlock's Rapscallion    

Dam: DC/AFC Schellberg's Annie  

Breeder:  Tait Koeber & Tait


DC SGR Dirty Laundry

Owner: Richardson

Sire: Overbaron's Country Hustler   

Dam: FC/AFC SGR Witches Brew

Breeder: Richardson




DC AFC Wildwing's Party Girl JH

Owner: Lynn Sandor

Sire: Wildwing Sureshot Odie    Dam: Piemont April V Chisola  

Breeder: Joe Langlois 

DC Cadenberg Victor V Trey MH

Owner: Mildred Revell

Sire: CH Weidenhugel Intrepid V Goetz   Dam: DC/AFC Cadenberg Magie Rogue  

Breeder: Silke Alberts





DC Jay-Mar's Blake's Windczar SH

Owners: Collins

Sire: Haags Director    

Dam:Rawhide Flake  

Breeder: Collins


DC AFC Cascade Ike MH 

Owner: Ray Calkins

Sire: DC Cascade Rogue  

Dam: Cascade Misty Morning    

Breeder: Lewis 



DC Cascade Rogue MH  

Owner: Ray Calkins

Sire: FC Chancellor's Sierra Drifter    

Dam: CH Walker's Cascade Tess   

Breeder: Ray Calkins

DC Uodibar's Fanny Paltani

Owner: Shelley

Sire: Rawlee Gene's Delight  

Dam: Rawhide's Dizzy Lizzy    

Breeder: Paltani 



AFC CH Justa Tequila Sunset

Owner: Bernee Brawn & Sakiey

Sire: DC/AFC Dunkee's Justa Hole n One CD MH UT   

Dam: Sure Shot's Justa Racie Lacie    Breeder: Bernee Brawn & Sakiey

DC AFC Dunkee's Justa Hole n One MH CD UT  

Owner: Bernee Brawn

Sire:CH Sunshine Jake    

Dam: CH Malpats Justabump CDX    

Breeder: Bernee Brawn

DC AFC Dunkee's Justa Top Flite MH  

Owner: Bernee Brawn & Sakiey

Sire: DC/AFC Dunkee's Justa Hole n One CD MH UT    

Dam: Sure Shot's Justa Racie Lacie   

Owner: Bernee Brawn & Sakiey

DC AFC Schnellberg's Annie

Owner: Walt & Maureen Tait

Sire: CH Schellberg's Sydney   

Dam:  Schellber's Anneliese    

Breeder: Owens 

AFC CH Marsu's Jay-Mars Katie MH  

Sire: Haag's Director   

Dam: Jay-Mars Marsu's Sassy  

Breeder: Alkins Decker & Weber


DC AFC Schnellberg's Gretta

Owner: Walt & Maureen Tait

Sire: CH Schnellberg's Sydney   

Dam: Schnellberg's Anneliese  

Breeder: Schnellberg Kennels 


DC Uodibar's Bush Man

Owner: Joseph & Judyth Pratt and Helen Shelley

Sire: Rawlee's Gene's Delight    

 Dam: Rawhide's Dizzy Lizzy   

Breeder: Paltani 

DC SGR Silent Running 

Owner: Richardson

Sire: CH Bach V Schellberg    

Dam: Schellberg's Vanilla Mousse   

Breeder: Richardson





DC AFC Cadenberg Magie V Rogue

Owner: Silke Alberts 

Sire: DC Cascade Rogue MH    

Dam: Cadenberg Filou V Lutz   

Breeder: Silke Alberts



DC Flintlock's Medicine Man

Owner: Hemphill

Sire: FC/AFC Fredrich's Figure It Out    Dam: Flintlock's Bushwacker   

Breeder: Hemphill


DC AFC Fredrich's Vogel Jaeger

Owner: Fredrich

Sire: Walker's Gandolf     

Dam:  Anka Von Grafenberg   

Breeder: Fredrich





DC AFC Sure Shot's Point Blank MH CD

Owner: Penny Ljungren

Sire: FC/AFC Halb Von Pommoregon     Dam: FC/AFC Halb's Sure Shot    

Breeder: Penny Ljungren


DC AFC Fredrich's Rosy Bear

Owner: Fredrich

Sire: Walker's Gandolf     

Dam: Anka Von Grafenberg     

Breeder: Fredrich

DC Marsu's Sierra Cass

Owner: Decker

Sire:  FC Chancellor's Sierra Drifter  

Dam: CH Walker's Cascade Tess   

Breeder: Ray Calkins     


DC AFC Cadenberg Basshanale V Lutz

Owner: Frank & Marion Fernandez

Sire: DC/AFC Lutz zur Cadenburg   

Dam: CH Weidenhugel Capuccine  

Breeder: Silke Alberts   


DC AFC Walker's Blue Movie

Owner: Dr. Stanley Haag

Sire: Walker's Rip Off     

Dam: FC/AFC Ahlin's Dyke Ann   

Breeder: Steve Ahlin   


DC Flintlock's Not Too Shabby

Owner: Frank & Marion Fernandez & Randall Berry

Sire: DC/AFC Lutz zur Candenburg CD     Dam: Ch Dame Thecla    

Breeder: Mike Hemphill  


AFC CH Fritz V Schnellberg II

Owner: Schnellberg

Sire: Rusty V Schnellberg    

Dam: CH Gretchen V Schnellberg IV      

Breeder:  Schnellberg



DC AFC Bit of Sigurd

Owner: Stanley Uhl

Sire: CH Sigy of Sigurd    

Dam: CH Lady Meldonna      

Breeder: Melvin & Donna Colby  


DC AFC Miss Keli's Annabelle

Owner: John and Ruth Schoonover

Sire: DC/AFC Imp von Pommoregon     Dam: FC Haar Baron's Miss Keli     

Breeder: Ken Wyderka



DC AFC Norwest's Griff Von Dem Feld CD

Owner: Douglas & Penny Ljungren

Sire: CH Odell's Hansel CDX    

Dam: Odell's Anji    

Breeder: Bonnie Larson  


DC AFC Graf Browser

Owner: Norman LeFurge

Sire: CH Haar Baron's Big Ben    

Dam: CH Fieldway's Lara   

Breeder: Jenny Farnstrom 



CH Marmick’s Trudi Von Pines MH  

Owner: Walter & Delores Furesz

Sire:  FC Tonya’s Mickey Finn    

Dam: CH Marta Von Pines.

Breeder: Walter & Delores Furesz

DC AFC Navaho Sidekick MH  

Owner: Rezzardi

Sire: CH Navaho's Trail Blazer    

Dam: CH Maestro Wing Song of Navaho

Breeder:  Martin 



DC AFC Imp Von Pommoregon

Owner: Dr. Robert W. Ruess

Sire: Assi von Pommoregon    

Dam: Carri von Pommoregon    

Breeder: Magarethe Pommerening 



DC AFC Lutz Zur Cadenberg CD TD

Owner: Alberts Silke & Berry

Sire: Heike Zur Cadenberg    

Dam: Birke von der Alten Aller  

Breeder: Friedrich Butt


DC Haar Baron's Shean

Owner: Edward Arkema

Sire: CH Haar Baron's Baron   

Dam: Senta v. Aintree      

Breeder: John Bjorn  



DC Woten Zur Wolfschlucht CD

Owner: Wolf and Hannelore Floege-Boehm

Sire: CH Talbach's Gremlin Rennie    

Dam: DC Queen VomStoppelsberg   

Breeder: Wolf Floege-Boehm


DC AFC Loki Zur Wolfschlucht

Owner: Paul Byrne

Sire: CH Talbach's Gremlin Rennie   

Dam: DC Queen Vom Stoppelsberg

Breeder: Wolf Floege-Boehm




DC Haar Baron's Gretchen

Owner: Clifford Faestal
Zep of Odense    

Dam: DC Haar Baron's Gremlin     

Breeder: Clifford Faestal





DC Herr Schmardt's Boy Yancy

Owner: Virginia Gallagher

Sire: FC Haar Baron's Mike    

Dam: Gander Mountain Asta    

Breeder: Carl Bechtold 


DC Queen Vom Stoppelsberg CDX

Owner: Wolf Floege-Boehm

Sire: Rolf von der Feldmuhle    

Dam: Ova Vom Stoppelsberg

Breeder: Heinrich Gewecke



DC Haar Baron's Tina CD

Owner: Clifford Faestel

Sire: Herr Schmardt V Fox River    

Dam: DC Haar Baron's Gremlin

Breeder: Clifford Faestel


DC Haar Baron's Hans

Owner: Genevieve Capstaff

Sire: Herr Schmardt V Fox River     

Dam: DC Haar Baron's Gremlin 

Breeder: Clifford Faestal  



DC Quandu VD Elbmarsch

Owner: George Hoffman

Sire: Barry vom Annenhof     

Dam: Lassi v.d. Elbmarsch    

Breeder: Ernest Wassermeyer


DC Strauss's Melodie

Owner: Del Glodowski

Sire: Herr Schmardt V Fox River    

Dam: DC Haar Baron's Gremlin   

Breeder: Clifford Faestal


DC Haar Baron's Gremlin

Owner: Clifford Faestel

Sire: Fritz of Clipper City    

 Dam: Lowenberg's Queenie   

Breeder: Joseph Stauber